Race Cyberspace: Sears Point Testing
By Chris Kurensky

6/16/03 11:30 AM CDT
4 Lap Replay  Best Lap: 92.5 I think
Setup Used, thanks to Black Hole Motorsports
Just some random pictures.  First is my French IV ladies and I at Grand March '05, and eventually my dog Max.

My First Car:  1987 Oldsmobile Cutless Ciera (below)
Then 1991 Pontiac Grand Am
Then 1988 Dodge 600 SE
Then 1995 Chevrolet Lumina
Now 2003 Kia Rio Cinco
Eventually 2008 Hyundai Elantra
Me and my French IV Ladies!!!
My dog Max
Homestead has decided to be lame and demand that I download new software and pay for updating this website.  As a result, I will attempt to leave this page up, but future updates will probably not occur and the page may even go down.  It was nice to have a little place in cyberspace to call my own, but I don't care enough to pay for it.  Thanks!

R.C. Enterprise

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